Nebula is the streaming service created and owned by creators like PolyMatter. It's free from ads or sponsors, videos are often available early, and you'll find exclusive content unavailable anywhere else.


You can find all non-Nebula Original videos on YouTube.


PolyMatter is available as a video podcast on Spotify, where you can easily download episodes to your device.


Regrettably, PolyMatter is also available on Facebook.


For business and other inquiries, please email [email protected]

Suggest a Topic

Topic suggestions are always welcomed. When submitting one, I ask that you pleaseā€¦

  • Keep your message under 400 words

  • Indicate whether and how you would like to be credited if your idea is selected

  • Recommend a book, article, or other entry point where I can learn more about the topic

When you're ready, please email [email protected]

How do I make my videos?

Watch my Skillshare course to learn more about my creative process. I make all of my own thumbnails, primarily using Affinity Designer.

PolyMatter Thumbnail Class